I'm very lucky to live in Dorset, which has so much to offer for the photographer. For the coastal photographer especially, it is a gold mine during the winter months, when the sun rises and sets out to sea and has locations such as Kimmeridge, Durdle Door, Portland Bill and the honey cliffs at Burton Bradstock to name but a few, to keep the photographer engaged.

I've always enjoyed the great outdoors and the local coastal footpaths but, its only in the past 12 months that I've really rekindled my interest in photography. Now I'm healthily obsessive - scouting for locations, checking & cursing the weather forecast, trying to think of original images of frequently photographed locations and fathoming out where the suns going to be at different times of the day & year to make a shot work.

Its not easy and anyone thinking you can roll out of a car, walk 10 yards and take the shot of your dreams will usually be left disappointed. What I have learnt, is that there's usually a lot of planning and legwork, plenty of frustration, numerous visits to the same location and with the UK weather, the need for a fair degree of luck.

I know that I've only just started to scratch the surface, have lots to learn but, am always striving to get that elusive 'perfect shot' ... thatís what keeps me going, especially when thereís a long climb to the chosen location with a bag full of gear and a tripod on my back... and its cold.

As for steam railways well, most people tell me I've never grown up but, hey, if you had your camera handy when a steam train went by, would you take a photo? Yeah, thought so..... I've a huge respect for all the staff, both paid and unpaid, that keep these engines and heritage railways running so that I have the opportunity to point a camera at them.

For those interested in the technical side, I use Canon cameras & lenses and try to keep off camera processing to the minimum. I always want the image to be natural and not a product of computer wizardry.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or, would like any further information, then please contact me.